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A Rose By Any Other Name.
You may or may not be surprised by how many people message me and tell me that I shouldn’t create content with ‘this’ or [...]
WANJTD – Series – 3 Identity part 1
One of the largest non-hurdles for the person who has recently left the church and isn’t converting to Judaism but believes in it’s principles [...]
WANJTD – Series – 2 Objects b) Judaica part 2: Household items.
Before you read this please make sure you have read the pre-amble blog. Thank you. In the previous blog, I talked a little about the ritual clothing a [...]
WANJTD – Series – 2 Objects a) Judaica part 1: Clothing
I feel that I should start each of these with some caveats. A) Dressing like a Jew doesn’t make you a Jew if you are not a Jew. B) Worshiping like a [...]
WANJTD? – Series – 1 Real life
Because of the huge title I gave this series I have adopted a shorter handle to place on the posts, What’s A Non-Jew To now WANJTD. If you [...]
What’s a non-Jew to do? Series – Preamble.
Over the last 6 years or so there have been 3 major themes when it comes to people contacting me via my Facebook page, blog or Youtube. These 3 themes are [...]
Shout Shout Let it all out..
It’s the end of a full circle, today finds us in the middle of Rosh HaShannah and the start of Yom Teruah, the Feast of Trumpets or literally [...]
Is the Torah the same today as yesterday?
Some of you may or may not know that I volunteer some of my time at the Irish Jewish Museum here in Dublin. I love spending time there, I get to meet a ton [...]
The Book of Hosea / Hosea part 10 with Rabbi Joshua Neely
In this show (part 10) Rabbi Neely and I discuss chapter 9 of the book of Hosea. If you have questions or comments please leave them below the video.
The Book of Hosea / Hoshea – Part 9
The Book of Hosea / Hoshea – Show 8
This is episode (8) Rabbi Joshua Neely and Jason walk through Chapter 7 of the book of Hosea. Be sure to read along. Subscribe and leave questions below if [...]
But what does it mean? Kippah / Chumash / Siddur – with Rabbi Stuart Federow
Joining us again to talk through the names of some important items within the Jewish faith, Rabbi Federow and Jason chat about not only the [...]
The book of Hosea Part 7
The Book of Hosea Show 6 with Rabbi Joshua Neely
Here we are at show 6 in the series Rabbi Joshua Neely and I are recording on the Prophet Hosea.
What is ‘Being Noahide’? An interview with Jacob Scharff
Here is a recent video in which I interview Jacob Scharff of Being If you enjoyed this interview please let me know. The term [...]
The Book of Hosea – Part 5
In this weeks show we round off Chapter 4. Please be sure to leave questions if you have them, click on the video and Subscribe to the channel if you [...]
But what does it mean?
Full of ‘sin’? Acts of ‘Righteousness? Doing ‘wickedness’? What do these words mean? Rabbi Stuart Federow and Jason explore [...]
The book of Hosea – Part 4
Join me as I am led through the book of Hosea with Rabbi Joshua Neely. We are working through the first 8 verses of Chapter 4 in this show. 30 minutes of [...]
Let Us make man in Our image – Rabbi Stuart Federow.
Join me as I chat with Rabbi Federow about this much used verse… did God create man in ‘His’ image? Who is the ‘Our’? Please [...]
The Book of Hosea – Show 3
Show 3 and we are covering the 3rd Chapter. Will the Creator withdraw from Israel for good? What is the meaning within the Barley and Silver? Isn’t [...]