Monthly Archives: January 2016

Podcast Prayer Month Invite
I have a project under construction for the Month of April that is centered around ‘prayer for the non-jew’.. please take 10 minutes to listen [...]
Meet the Sages: Sh’lomtzion
This week we hear about Salome Alexandra AKA Sh’lomtzion with Rabbi Joshua Neely. Enjoy. You can listen here. [...]
This weeks round up of curated content for Yitro! You can click the top left of the video to choose a program from the run list or just let it play. Enjoy!
Meeting the Sages: RamBam
In this series Rabbi Joshua Neely and I chat about the giants that made Judaism what it is. Below you will find the YouTube video and under that a link to [...]
This weeks curated playlist of programs, teaching, audio and related media for Beshalach. You can click the top left of the video to select a program or [...]
Home Sweet Home
One of the most simple yet confusing, heartening but upsetting parts of coming to the conclusion that you are not of the sons of Jacob, rather of the [...]
If you enjoy what we do here at Spiritualbabies please give us a couple of seconds and share this post. Sharing our material and even giving it a thumbs up [...]
Marriage is an interesting topic when approached through the lens of the Bible. Those unfamiliar with the holy text are often surprised that the bible [...]
This weeks Torah round up! You can click on the Youtube logo or on the top left to access the program list and choose what you want to watch or you can [...]