Home Sweet Home

19th January 2016 - Uncategorised
Home Sweet Home

One of the most simple yet confusing, heartening but upsetting parts of coming to the conclusion that you are not of the sons of Jacob, rather of the people of the nations is the revelation that you are already home. Under the lead of the ‘messianic’ movement – ‘real’ Israel (the believers in Jesus), or under the banner of the ‘tribers’ – those who believe but can’t prove, they are of the ‘lost’ tribes of Israel.. again, ‘real’ Israel, the promise of a homeland, of the land of Israel being promised to you, the follower of that faith walk is compelling. It’s a prize. It’s ‘proof’. You really are chosen. However, when you accept the text and the evidence at hand, if you can’t find proof that you are not from a long line of people dating back to the Tanakh then you must (even if only till the facts change) accept that you are ‘of the nations’.. and there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

It does mean though that your allotted promised soil in the Holy Land at the time of the Messianic age has now gone. That promise isn’t for you. It can be disheartening, especially after years of that being central part of your faith.

On the other hand.. look out of the window. You are already home. See that tree? That’s your land. See that town? That’s your country. The whole world is your oyster. You are of the nations. That doesn’t mean you are a second rate citizen to the Creator. You aren’t a second place winner. He placed you in a time and location that was designed especially for you and you for it. You are part of His perfect plan. It also doesn’t mean you can’t long for Israel or that you can’t long to live in Israel. It’s healthy ( I believe) to long to stand before the temple, to run your fingers over the age old stones, your toes through the dust and have your eyes cast themselves over the bluest of blue sky’s, but know that it isn’t yours. It was promised to another people.

It comes as great comfort to me that the struggle for a homeland wasn’t placed at my feet. I would also like to thing that if I was born 100 years ago and was blessed with the same road of faith that I now walk that I’d help my Jewish cousins in their fight for a ‘homeland’ even though I knew I would not have a part of it. I hope that would have been true. As things stand I have a home, no one is trying to slaughter me for it. No one is twisting media to make the world hate me for it. No one is invading my home to kill me for it. I HAVE to be grateful for that. For the Jews, who have a homeland but also have the slaughter, twisting and killing on a daily basis, thing are infinity more difficult. What a day it would be to see Israel in Israel with out blood shed.

As I consider my place in the large scheme of things I don’t doubt at all the choice to place me where I am. I am home. I am safe. I hope that within my lifetime the same can be said for the Jewish people.

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Barbara Leah Shegitz

That is so well said and encouraging. Thank you so much.


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