Podcast Prayer Month Invite

29th January 2016 - Uncategorised
Podcast Prayer Month Invite

I have a project under construction for the Month of April that is centered around ‘prayer for the non-jew’.. please take 10 minutes to listen to the podcast and see if you might be interested.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast Prayer Month Invite


I will try, Jason.
Thanks for planning this.

Eric Dov Ber Bryan

I was just speaking with my study group about this last week. This is a huge whole for the non-Jew right now. I’d be honored to help.

Cherrie LaCross

Profile name Cherries LaCross

Donna Frederick

Prayers have been pressing on my mind too….Are there certain ones to be prayed at certain times? I am typing this as I’m listen to your podcast….Yes! I have all the same questions you pose!! I’ll be following! Thanks for putting this project together!


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