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Torah with ‘no Jesus’
Question: ”I was wondering of you could recommend a Rabbi that does YouTube videos that talks solely about Judaism and doesn’t mention [...]
This weeks Torah portion round up! Click on the top left of the vide box to select a program or leave it and it will run as a playlist. Enjoy.
This weeks Torah portion round up, enjoy!
What does it mean to ‘Pray’? with Rabbi David Aaron.
Your donations help me keep recording, writing and creating. Thank you. Video Audio [...]
This weeks Torah Portion is Mishpatim. Here is the playlist of curated goodies. You can click the top left of the video to open the show listings and [...]
Meet the Sages: The ‘Baal Shem Tov’
This is the third part of the ‘Meeting the Sages’ series with Rabbi Neely. Video Audio [...]
Why bother? He already knows.. right?
The concept of ‘prayer’, of speaking with the Creator has been something of a sticking point for me over the last year. It seems that in most [...]