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Is the Universal Shabbat for me? A Non-Jew?
Praying to.. Whom?
‘I’m an ex-Christian, I want to pray to God but I’m concerned that I’ll mis-speak and use a name that is wrong. I used to pray all [...]
The ‘Noahide’ Wall.
A reader sent me a question, here is the core query.. ‘’…we are reading Tabor’s “Abrahamic Faith” to our children.. ..and he posits that [...]
If you enjoy the work we do here at Spiritualbabies and find it a blessing, please consider donating and helping us continue. Thank you. This weeks Torah [...]
Non-Jewish Judaism? Whaaa?
I know, it seems at first glance to make no sense, if anything the concept must implode, after all, Judaism and Jewishness go hand in hand right? [...]
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