Praying to.. Whom?

28th March 2016 - Uncategorised
Praying to.. Whom?

‘I’m an ex-Christian, I want to pray to God but I’m concerned that I’ll mis-speak and use a name that is wrong. I used to pray all the time but I’m worried that the terms I used to address God with are now tainted or just wrong.. what is the correct way to address God?’

Sadly this isn’t a rare question. The core of this question, ‘I’m worried that mean parts of my previous faith walk should be erased and replaced but I don’t know what to replace them with’, is actually symptomatic of many of the issues felt by people coming to a refined understanding of their faith. Especially when they leave the Christian faith.

What we have to remember to start with is this. Christianity was built on the foundation of the Tanakh and the faith practices of the Jewish people. So, far from being foreign to it, many of the titles, forms and traditions of the Christian faith are actually very close to those held within Judaism. Obviously the central tenants of faith are utterly different but this post isn’t written to address that. I have hundreds of videos that do that already.

So, how can we address our Creator?

One of my favorite terms is one I just used, ‘Creator’. It reminds me each time that everything I see, use, feel, taste and hear has come about because of Him. He allowed me to experience life. A life He gave me. Each breath, His gift. This world, His Creation. It’s a good word, impossible to mis-read and simple to inject.

I originally intended to list a whole load of names. But as I researched them I realized that doing so would be projecting my faith choices and direction onto other peoples journey and I have no right to do that.

But I want to put minds to rest..

You will find the bible studded with the names of the Creator. Psalms in particular is a treasure trove. Lord, King, God, Father, Most High, Lord of Righteousness, any many more. A great study would be to go through the Psalms, write down each name and title used for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Use those as a guide. But don’t be worried about finding your own. Personally, He is my ‘Protector’, ‘Provider’, the ‘King of the Universe’.

It’s a better thing to pray that to withdraw prayer because of fear. I appreciate the need and want to approach the Master of the Universe with reverence, but sometimes we should let our hearts drive our dialogue.

I hope this was helpful.

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