Get your ‘messiah’ on.

8th April 2016 - Uncategorised
Get your ‘messiah’ on.
It is a fact. Turning ‘I want a better world’ into ‘I can make the world better’ requires once single kind act.

It’s a common statement, ‘when the Messiah comes’, ‘may it be soon’. The Messiah of the Tanakh arriving and righting the wrongs of the world. A sign that the Creator is to usher in world peace, an end to hunger and pain, of joy.

The ‘Messiah’ of the Tanakh, a title that can be split into two parts. The concept of an anointed and divinely chosen servant in the form of Kings and Prophets, and the Messiah of the later days, who will rule the world from Jerusalem on a throne, a leader of the people, bringing back the world to Torah.

Can it be that sometimes we get a little lazy? We start to think.. ‘ah well, someday the Messiah will come, he’ll fix it.’

As it happens, you, the reader, were born into that body by divine choice. The Creator gave YOU life at THIS time. You are uniquely gifted to live your life. You are perfect. You have the power to ‘get your messiah on’ and bring some of this wonderful ‘end days’ action to your world right now. Each of us has the power to react with the world in a positive or negative way. We can bring joy, cause pain, help, hinter or ignore. We are chosen, each of us, to live the lives we live. So why not offer up some help and love today. It doesn’t have to ‘cost’ anything.

A smile can lift the heaviest heart.

This could be the day you make a difference.
Kiss the one you love.
Give a smile instead of a frown.
Offer someone ‘are you ok? Is there anything I can do to help?’

Taste the taste of a loving world. It’s a step towards the world to come.

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