Day 9 Daily Prayer for the non-Jew

15th June 2016 - Prayer
Day 9 Daily Prayer for the non-Jew

It’s day nine!

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One thought on “Day 9 Daily Prayer for the non-Jew

Kim Shindler

Hi Jason,
I just found your website and I think its great. I watched your testimony with William done last year.
You mentioned that Tovia Singer could not clench this decision for you but that you heard a couple of other people that really did it for you but I could not understand who you said.
I would really like to find out who those other people are that really solidified your decision to leave Christianity.
I have been studying now for several months and I am like 90% there. The biggest thing for me is I feel empty. I don’t know how to pray anymore or where to start to pick up the pieces. This site is a good start.
I have been a Christian all my life, I am sixty years old now. This has been devastating as for me as you well know but I realize it is necessary.
Thank you for your website and for anything you can tell me that can help get my life back together.
Kim Shindler


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