Back to the start.

25th October 2016 - Torah
Back to the start.

This week marks Simcha Torah, which is an even that happens at this time during the year when we finish reading the Torah and start over. Oddly it is one of those times that I can remember going back over the years. I can recall what was happening on the last few Simcha Torahs and the excitement of going back to Genesis 1:1.

I’m sure for many people the idea of reading the same book over and over, day on day, week on week, month on month and year on year seems weird, maybe even wasteful or pointless but they don’t read this book.

Life is full of cycles and we all repeat most of our experiences and choices, for better or worse. Meeting new people, trying new things, finding courage, feeling fear, sharing love and expressing upset. All things we will do over and over through our lives. The thing is – we will learn from each event, grow through each action and understand a little more about human nature, the world we live in and more importantly about ourselves each time.

The same is true of the Tanakh and the Torah that we examine and inhale each year. Every reading is a new layer that becomes, 12 months later, a foundation to build on. We learn more on each rotation. More about the contents, context, application and our own understanding and use of it in our lives.

One thing is for sure. After 12 months of Torah reading and study we are different people, year in year out.

I can’t wait. Chag Sameach.

One thought on “Back to the start.

Patricia Deneen

Very well expressed, Jason. The repetition is necessary for us to see deeper into the heart
of Hashem. I’m more excited this time around
than I was five years ago, because now I know
to expect the unexpected out of these ancient
texts. You are such a blessing, Jason. Your
insights always challenge and inspire me.


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