The Book of Esther – With Rabbi Joshua Neely
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  TV is awash here in Ireland (and the UK) with shows in which people (expert or amateur) hit the streets, markets, fairs or stores to find items [...]
A Rose By Any Other Name.
You may or may not be surprised by how many people message me and tell me that I shouldn’t create content with ‘this’ or [...]
WANJTD – Series – 3 Identity part 1
One of the largest non-hurdles for the person who has recently left the church and isn’t converting to Judaism but believes in it’s principles [...]
WANJTD – Series – 2 Objects b) Judaica part 2: Household items.
Before you read this please make sure you have read the pre-amble blog. Thank you. In the previous blog, I talked a little about the ritual clothing a [...]
WANJTD – Series – 2 Objects a) Judaica part 1: Clothing
I feel that I should start each of these with some caveats. A) Dressing like a Jew doesn’t make you a Jew if you are not a Jew. B) Worshiping like a [...]
What’s a non-Jew to do? Series – Preamble.
Over the last 6 years or so there have been 3 major themes when it comes to people contacting me via my Facebook page, blog or Youtube. These 3 themes are [...]
Shout Shout Let it all out..
It’s the end of a full circle, today finds us in the middle of Rosh HaShannah and the start of Yom Teruah, the Feast of Trumpets or literally [...]
Is the Torah the same today as yesterday?
Some of you may or may not know that I volunteer some of my time at the Irish Jewish Museum here in Dublin. I love spending time there, I get to meet a ton [...]
The Book of Hosea / Hosea part 10 with Rabbi Joshua Neely
In this show (part 10) Rabbi Neely and I discuss chapter 9 of the book of Hosea. If you have questions or comments please leave them below the video.
The Book of Hosea Show 6 with Rabbi Joshua Neely
Here we are at show 6 in the series Rabbi Joshua Neely and I are recording on the Prophet Hosea.
The Book of Hosea – Show 3
Show 3 and we are covering the 3rd Chapter. Will the Creator withdraw from Israel for good? What is the meaning within the Barley and Silver? Isn’t [...]
Zigzags and goal posts.
It’s December 31st. There are just a handful of hours left in 2016. The last week was supposed to be spent traveling, a couple of flights and a few [...]
The book of Hosea – Show 1
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Boundaries and definitions.
For many people arriving at a new faith the landscape can be confusing and maybe even a little frightening. You have come from somewhere in which you have [...]
Should Jews Proselytize?
Is it time to open the door on Judaism and have it takes it’s place in the market place of religion? Please consider supporting Spiritualbabies. Thank you!
First time in Synagogue? What to expect and some back history.
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When Irish Dreidels are spinning.
Most people don’t really consider the part the UK and Ireland has played in what today is the sum of Jewish existence and culture around the world. [...]
Rosh HaShanah when you aren’t a Jew.
One thing above all others I get asked is, ‘can I?’ regarding the High Holidays. My answer is always a big YES but with some caveats and Rosh [...]
But what about… Invites to Weddings and Christmas?