Want to vs Have to
I am starting a project soon in which I’ll be sharing my advice and opinion regarding various parts of a non-Jew’s faith life lived through the [...]
Who was the Mixed Multitude?
Israel Tour 2016
This coming November you could tour the Holy Land with Rabbi Tovia Singer, Jono Vandor and I. There are a few spaces left on the bus. 10 days exploring the [...]
Israel on my mind – Cocktails with Ricky Martin
Israel On My Mind – Cocktails with Ricky Martin!
This weeks Torah portion round up.
Parasha Emor Playlist
Join us for the Tanakh Tour 2016!
If you enjoy the Torah Pearls series and the other shows I do with Rabbi Singer and Jono Vandor then you should definitely join us this year as we tour the [...]
Israel on my mind – Show Ten! The man that sued God!
Israel On My Mind – Searching For The Bible Code
Achrei Mot
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Tight Rope and Kosher Dope – Israel on my mind Show 9
Listen in to this weeks ‘Israel on my mind’ show with Jason and Jono!
Israel Healing the World
Israel On My Mind – Israel Healing the World!
When holding your breath is wrong.
We are coming to the end of this years Pesach season and with that comes the end of the period in which ‘unleavened bread’ isn’t eaten [...]
Israel on my Mind ‘Digging up Pharoah’ Show 7
Israel On My Mind – Digging up Pharaoh!
The Torah Portion for Pesach.
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Israel on my mind – ‘What is a Jelly Fish anyway?’
Israel On My Mind – What is a Jelly Fish Anyway?
Can Passover be a sign for the Non-Jew?
When I was young, before my teens, the schools gave all of us kids a copy of the ‘High Way code’, a summation of the rules regarding the use of [...]
Get your ‘messiah’ on.
It is a fact. Turning ‘I want a better world’ into ‘I can make the world better’ requires once single kind act. It’s a common [...]
Israel on my Mind – No flush for Aussie BDS!
This weeks show! Enjoy. Please feel free to leave comments and questions! Israel On My Mind -No flush for Ozzie BDS!
Israel on my Mind – Healing the World!
Listen in to this weeks show with hosts, Jono Vandor and Jason Vincent as they chat about this weeks good news coming from Israel! [...]
Praying to.. Whom?
‘I’m an ex-Christian, I want to pray to God but I’m concerned that I’ll mis-speak and use a name that is wrong. I used to pray all [...]