The ‘Noahide’ Wall.
A reader sent me a question, here is the core query.. ‘’…we are reading Tabor’s “Abrahamic Faith” to our children.. ..and he posits that [...]
Non-Jewish Judaism? Whaaa?
I know, it seems at first glance to make no sense, if anything the concept must implode, after all, Judaism and Jewishness go hand in hand right? [...]
You or your message?
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Torah with ‘no Jesus’
Question: ”I was wondering of you could recommend a Rabbi that does YouTube videos that talks solely about Judaism and doesn’t mention [...]
This weeks Torah portion round up! Click on the top left of the vide box to select a program or leave it and it will run as a playlist. Enjoy.
This weeks Torah portion round up, enjoy!
Why bother? He already knows.. right?
The concept of ‘prayer’, of speaking with the Creator has been something of a sticking point for me over the last year. It seems that in most [...]
Podcast Prayer Month Invite
I have a project under construction for the Month of April that is centered around ‘prayer for the non-jew’.. please take 10 minutes to listen [...]
Home Sweet Home
One of the most simple yet confusing, heartening but upsetting parts of coming to the conclusion that you are not of the sons of Jacob, rather of the [...]
Marriage is an interesting topic when approached through the lens of the Bible. Those unfamiliar with the holy text are often surprised that the bible [...]
This weeks Torah round up! You can click on the Youtube logo or on the top left to access the program list and choose what you want to watch or you can [...]
Here is this weeks Torah portion round up for Shemot. You can click the top left of the video to display the playlist and choose a program or leave the set [...]
The Chocolate Teapot
If a person engaged in an unrighteous act during the time when the Ark was placed in it’s home and the Altar was set up for Israel, then that person [...]
Is it OK to enjoy the holidays?
For the last couple of years I’ve struggled with the late December period. I struggled for a couple of reasons, the first being its association with [...]
Vayigash – Torah portion round up.
Here is this weeks Torah round up for the Parsha Vayigash. This play list contains audio and video, teachings, fun stuff and study.If you want to help us [...]
Why I lit the Hannukiah
Last night marked the 8th and final night of candle lighting for  this years feast of Hanukkah. Last year was the first year we engaged in the event, our [...]
Hitting the Wall
I really didn’t understand why I felt like I did in that moment. I’m usually quite removed from emotion, even when it involves someone close to [...]
Just can’t help believing.
Some of you may know that I’m a big Elvis fan. From his early covers to his late in life Disco and everything in between. I was raised in a house [...]
‘My Israel’ is a 12 x 12 inch  (30cm x 30cm) coffee table book that contains over 35 of the most popular images I photographed during this [...]