The Book of Hosea / Hoshea – Part 9
The Book of Hosea / Hoshea – Show 8
This is episode (8) Rabbi Joshua Neely and Jason walk through Chapter 7 of the book of Hosea. Be sure to read along. Subscribe and leave questions below if [...]
But what does it mean? Kippah / Chumash / Siddur – with Rabbi Stuart Federow
Joining us again to talk through the names of some important items within the Jewish faith, Rabbi Federow and Jason chat about not only the [...]
The book of Hosea Part 7
The Book of Hosea – Part 5
In this weeks show we round off Chapter 4. Please be sure to leave questions if you have them, click on the video and Subscribe to the channel if you [...]
But what does it mean?
Full of ‘sin’? Acts of ‘Righteousness? Doing ‘wickedness’? What do these words mean? Rabbi Stuart Federow and Jason explore [...]
The book of Hosea – Part 4
Join me as I am led through the book of Hosea with Rabbi Joshua Neely. We are working through the first 8 verses of Chapter 4 in this show. 30 minutes of [...]
Let Us make man in Our image – Rabbi Stuart Federow.
Join me as I chat with Rabbi Federow about this much used verse… did God create man in ‘His’ image? Who is the ‘Our’? Please [...]
The Books of Hosea – Show 2
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What is Hanukkah?
What is Midrash?
What is Gemara?
iBOX – how YOU can fight BDS and help Israel.
Today I unbox my first iBOX from Israel. It’s packed full of goodies.. get yours at the link below.. mention me and you’ll get an extra item! [...]
The Messiah in Genesis 5 – Answering 119 Ministries
The Star of David – Answering 119 Ministries
Psalms 1 from with Rabbi Skobac
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An Introduction to the Daily Prayer series.
On the 7th of June I’ll be starting a series for the Non-Jew to help add a structured prayer time. You will be able to follow along on Youtube and on [...]
Praying to the Dead with Rabbi Tovia Singer.
I’ve been known to say, ‘Hey there Christians, you really shouldn’t pray to anyone but God so turn your attentions from messiahs and [...]
Meet the Sages – Esther
What does it mean to ‘Pray’? with Rabbi David Aaron.
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