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Want to vs Have to
I am starting a project soon in which I’ll be sharing my advice and opinion regarding various parts of a non-Jew’s faith life lived through the [...]
Can Passover be a sign for the Non-Jew?
When I was young, before my teens, the schools gave all of us kids a copy of the ‘High Way code’, a summation of the rules regarding the use of [...]
Is the Universal Shabbat for me? A Non-Jew?
The ‘Noahide’ Wall.
A reader sent me a question, here is the core query.. ‘’…we are reading Tabor’s “Abrahamic Faith” to our children.. ..and he posits that [...]
Podcast Prayer Month Invite
I have a project under construction for the Month of April that is centered around ‘prayer for the non-jew’.. please take 10 minutes to listen [...]