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What’s a non-Jew to do? Series – Preamble.
Over the last 6 years or so there have been 3 major themes when it comes to people contacting me via my Facebook page, blog or Youtube. These 3 themes are [...]
What is ‘Being Noahide’? An interview with Jacob Scharff
Here is a recent video in which I interview Jacob Scharff of Being If you enjoyed this interview please let me know. The term [...]
Practicing Patience
A couple of weeks ago I wrote this short post on my facebook page. ‘If you aren’t a Jew but you live your faith life through the Jewish lens [...]
Can Passover be a sign for the Non-Jew?
When I was young, before my teens, the schools gave all of us kids a copy of the ‘High Way code’, a summation of the rules regarding the use of [...]
Is the Universal Shabbat for me? A Non-Jew?
The ‘Noahide’ Wall.
A reader sent me a question, here is the core query.. ‘’…we are reading Tabor’s “Abrahamic Faith” to our children.. ..and he posits that [...]